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    Thread watched they banned my brother and I'm going to play on my new pc and I also appear banned?

    exuseme good afternoon men. I sorry for bothering you--I try to play cartographer and find I am banned, my pet donkey played without permission me. I punish them, please for to unban me?
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    Boundingplace Sideshooting

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    Getting kicked out of a public lobby after 1min

    That server is problematic for me too on the current update. I couldn't get into it no matter how many times I tried joining -- I would get in the lobby for a min-- it would show the lobby, sometimes load in then get kicked out after a minute.
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    thats an off time anyway try checking it 6 hours earlier
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    ye he sent it to me & thats what I thought too
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    Update Feedback / Comment thread

    "[1:07 PM]twet: We seem to be having issues with email confirmations, sorry about that. We have reports of and not receiving confirmations. Please try using a Gmail address to create your account and mention me in #help channel with the email provider that is not working...
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    Speed Hack

    looks pretty cut and dry to me; speedhack = yes
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    nau speedhack

    & I shared these on the reports text-channel on discord, but I don't know if he was banned or not since nobody said anything, but I was being lazy -- so I re-posted here to the forum. I mean it could be lag, but it was really odd he would just run in a circle like that and zig zag about.
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    Hosting a Private / Custom Server Guide

    ok well I see why that wasn't a problem for me because I never host on live. Tho now I just have UPNP enabled, no manual port forward and it works perfect.
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    Is using ReShade bannable?

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    Deathsniper (Hacker Proof)

    I've played with him many times and after reading this thread I'm even less sure of his authenticity.
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    Deathsniper (Hacker Proof)