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    Project Cartographer v0.6 Update and Changelog

    Project Cartographer v0.6 Update and Changelog Hey everyone! Today we are happy to bring you Project Cartographer's v0.6 update which includes numerous fixes and additions such as the long awaited ranking system! Listed below will be patch notes and details. Servers now can start matches...
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    Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide

    Being able to join your own server that is hosted on the same network you are playing is a bit tricky at the moment with the way the Project handles that, here are two possible sollutions. First try adding both the WAN and LAN information for both the h2serverconfig.ini as well as your client...
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    Xbox controller work by plugging into PC?

    Yes it will.
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    Project Cartographer v0.5.6 Update and Changelog

    Project Cartographer v0.5.6 Update Hey everyone! Here is a list of all new features in the new 0.5.6 update: - Stability: Improved overall game stability. Over the last few months many players reported issues of random, frequent game crashes. Hopefully this update will help resolve these...
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    Freqeuent Crashes

    We are aware of these crashing issues and plan to have a fix for it soon. Thank you very much for letting us know about your issue though!
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    Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide

    I plan to update this guide more soon. Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide - First download the Halo 2 Dedicated Server Pack here: - Extract the Halo 2 Dedicated Server folder to a location of your choosing...
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    yhaolin 2325w fly hacking

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    Game doesn´t work even with " -disabled3dex" launch parameter

    This is currently being looked into. Thanks for submitting that crash dump.
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    Temp fixes for 0.5.4 issues- Crash on start and "zoom in" low FoV issue

    If you are having issues with your game crashing when launching after updating to 0.5.4, simply go to your game's shortcut > right click it > select properties and click the "shortcut" tab. At the end of the 'target' line, go to the end outside of the quote marks and add the following parameter...
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    UPDATE JULY 2022: You need to manually update the game to go from to On the sign in page, click "Play Offline" instead of your user name Then Choose Player, Then go to Cartographer Then Update You can also download the dll and overwrite the file in your Halo 2 folder...
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    Exodus: A Halo 2 PC Competitive Quadtage

    Gameplay by: Xer, UncutFighter, Driven, Steel Pulse Editing: VA BlackHawk
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    Viewmodel FOV

    If you mean the arms sticking out for the viewmodel part, it's been noted and is a feature request. As far as a slider goes, that's currently the best we can get it for an in-game GUI, however if you would like a download link to a 3rd party external tool that is a slider, I can give you a...
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    Download without a disc?

    That is a file download, does not need a disk. Even if you use an ISO, it's a vitrual disk, not needing a physical disk drive on the PC.
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    No confirmation!

    Check you spam folder, if it does not show up there, give us the name of the account you created.
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    What is the name of the account(s) that you made?