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  1. yolarrydabomb

    XLLN - XLiveLessNess

    Just drag and drop the contents from the zip and into your game folder. Easy!
  2. yolarrydabomb

    Hello there...

    I been around and following the project for quite sometime now. 2-3 years? maybe? I forgot to introduce myself on the forums here. Some of you folks might saw me around Call of Duty modding community AlterIWNet, fourDeltaOne & Redacted at the time. RIP. I'm a big fan of halo 2 but mostly I...
  3. yolarrydabomb

    XLLN - XLiveLessNess

    Very nice. Works amazing! I take it this will be supported in the future (or hotfix?) of Project Cartographer & also abandon GFWL games some day?