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    343i's "Ske7ch" acknowledged H2V in the 2/2 community update

    lol they ain't touchin this game.
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    All out in the free.

    All out in the free.
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    Let it be known that today our immortal savior Himanshu01's physical form has aged a year.

    Let it be known that today our immortal savior Himanshu01's physical form has aged a year.
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    Launcher virus

    What is your anti-virus?
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    Reguarding The new fourms top bar.

    I hate to sound like I'm nagging when its clear a lot of effort is being put into the new forum, but yeah, I agree with the OP (I think?). The top bar that travels with you as you scroll through a page makes reading very uncomfortable. Its right where I normally start reading on other forums. It...
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    Attachments corrupt

    Yep, the attachments in my elite tags thread were corrupted as well.
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    Halo 2 Vista has officially been out for a decade

    From Halo.wikia: Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Shoutout to mah boi PermaNull and the rest of the Cartographer developers/staff for devoting so much time to a game many have long forgotten. The work that has been done to improve this game, both now and in years past, has been...
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    Halo 3 Esque - New Mombasa

    No, injection, extraction, and reallocation are all impossible with existing tools.
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    Halo 2 Campaign Rebalance

    Its going well. I'm more focused now on rebalancing weapons and making each one viable within a select role. Whenever I make a tag change I write it down in a spreadsheet so that the change can be made universally across all levels. Many weapons are only receiving minor changes while others are...
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    Game Crashes At Armory

    Do you have Project Cartographer installed?
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    game crashing bug

    There is no ADS in this game, only scoping. You've already confused KittyKat. ;) Does the bug happen in singleplayer? Does the bug happen without Cartographer installed? Have you tried reinstalling?
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    Halo 3 Esque - New Mombasa

    Heretic Elites don't exist on this level, they use a different biped than normal elites. Yeah, I'm not what a good solution would be Sod, particularly one that isn't too cheese.
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    Where are the Halo 2 campaign cutscenes located?

    Cutscenes in Halo 2 Vista aren't pre-rendered movies, they are rendered entirely in the engine itself. Every "cutscene" in-game is essentially just a cinematics script spawning stuff, playing sounds and recorded animations, and moving a camera around, all in very specific spans of time.
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    Restored Elite Characters Pack

    Go to Save As, then name it something else. All tags that initially come with the kit are read only, but saving them as something else will allow you to edit them.
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    Hi, need help again, but with character behaviour

    As Sod has said, the block reallocater doesn't work. You're simply stuck with the blocks you already have. The way char tags work is that they start with a base (typically, ai_generic.char), inherit everything, and then overwrite whatever. The char tag that any other char tag directly inherits...
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    Hi, need help again, but with character behaviour

    I'm assuming you're using Assembly for these changes. Have you tried unflagging "Berserk Whenever Charged" under Charge Properties in the elite_ultra.char tag? grunt.char has its own plasma pistol firing properties that overwrites inherited generic.char values. elite.char, however, simply...
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    Restored Elite Characters Pack

    Its often hard to find anything but vague, offhanded forum posts from five or six years ago, but sometimes that's all you need. I learned a lot from just browsing kornman's post history on the subject of H2V, who is one of the few people who has analyzed the H2EK tools in technical detail. I...
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    Restored Elite Characters Pack

    Yes, although the notion of an .actor_variant is defunct since every firing behavior is stored in the same character tag alongside traditional .actor properties. In this aspect in particular, Halo 2 is vastly superior to CE's tag design. The .character tag replaces all that bologna. Yes, to use...
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    Restored Elite Characters Pack

    EDIT: I've changed the download to a forum attachment to more closely follow the Release guidelines. Enjoy! Well, I'm going to be heading to a location far away from this computer in a few days, and I just figured I'd go ahead and release this since I've had it lying around for a few months and...