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  1. divine1gore

    Boundingplace Sideshooting

  2. divine1gore

    nau speedhack

    & I shared these on the reports text-channel on discord, but I don't know if he was banned or not since nobody said anything, but I was being lazy -- so I re-posted here to the forum. I mean it could be lag, but it was really odd he would just run in a circle like that and zig zag about.
  3. divine1gore

    Online Tab v Network Tab (gameplay comparison)

    80 ping online tab gameplay & 80 - 100 ping network tab gameplay vids (clan clow BR Snipes, 24/7 Lockship & 1 clip on Duty's network host) Sniping, melee's, and enemy player movement are all borked on the online tab for me. Tired of hearing gameplay is the same on either tab, it really...
  4. divine1gore

    MLG 2007 Team Gametypes Broken Down

    The gametypes, matches (10), and sample winners bracket, will probably add the losers bracket later, the curious should still refer to for the other tournament rules that I didn't include here If I made a mistake let me know
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    yairus aimbot

  6. divine1gore

    Colossus Aimbot

    I see some suspicious flick at 23 seconds This was on the BR Snipes Colombian Network server
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    Yuri Bacon's Final Message to Carto

    This is the message that Yuri posted in #game_chat to announce his departure from the community. As one of his friends, I am re-posting it here along with his attached files for posterity. "I know no one really cares but I've decided to leave the Halo community, whatever presence I did have...
  8. divine1gore

    Which Key on KB/M Cycles Through Active Players?

    On Controller its 'A' by default, what is the key to cycle through active players on keyboard / mouse? As far as I can tell there isn't one, if you wait long enough if the respawn time is long (you're sitting out because of force even teams or something) then eventually the game cycle thru...
  9. divine1gore

    Dot Overlay, is it Allowed?

    I noticed that Celsius uses a green dot overlay when he posted the video to get Walking Hurtle banned. Is this acceptable then? I'm not sure because nobody has brought it up before and I wasn't aware people were even using them for this game. I didn't even know of their existence until recently...
  10. divine1gore

    Why does everyone think Yuri Bacon is a fortnite kid?

    Not sure what it is about you man, but ppl always jump to that conclusion whenever they want to hate on you : P maybe because you run hunger games on your dedi idk lol
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    HitFix & H2X

    I've just been flying around with the assumption that I don't have to add HitFix to my gametypes for a while now since I don't see anyone else doing it and the language for the announcements made it seem like you don't have to -- although it doesn't explicitly state that HitFix is enabled by...
  12. divine1gore

    Default Fov and Crosshair offset

    I was bored so I decided to mess around with the FOV & crosshair offset from the advanced options in the Cartographer GUI i.e. in Halo 2, not from a config file. I don't know what the values were when they started tho and I don't like guessing : P , I don't see an option to return to default...
  13. divine1gore

    Is it okay to use the Blu Trainer for 3rd person in public games that don't have mod/tricks/glitch in the title?

    Pretty self explanatory. I haven't done that yet, but I'm asking to be on the safe side, even though I think that doing 3rd person might confer a disadvantage lol.
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    In Game Screen Name

    I mentioned this to General 101 in the help thread on discord a few weeks ago. My idea was that even though you have an account name that would typically display in game when you play Cartographer that you could instead use a different screen name like for example the name found on the local...
  15. divine1gore

    How Do Ya Do

    I love to play more unconventional game-types / maps i.e. those that don't get featured on the dedicated servers. So I frequently host games to play whatever -- and I'm open to suggestions from those who join my games. I'm eager to make friends to play with : ) Interested in helping with dev as...