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  1. UF ShadowTeddy

    Embed Bugs

    Liking the new forums update so far (well done site team :) ), however there are a few caveats. Some threads (Example 1, Example 2) have some issues with the quote boxes cutting off some text. You'd have to expand the original quote that the user made in their post in order to see their...
  2. UF ShadowTeddy

    "joan camilo" speedhacking

  3. UF ShadowTeddy

    Halo 2 60 FPS cutscenes

    Been working on a few SinglePlayer fixes for Halo 2. One of them is fixing the 30fps lock during cutscenes and the other is fixing the Hit-Fix related issue in regards to few maps crashing. These fixes should be coming to cartographer soontm For now, enjoy this delta halo cutscene in 60 fps...
  4. UF ShadowTeddy

    "JulioGaymer38" rapidfiring

  5. UF ShadowTeddy

    "Pokemon Master" Flyhacking

    I guess he wanted to be the very best.
  6. UF ShadowTeddy

    H4rdCorps Speedhacking UK A

    This song goes well with this.
  7. UF ShadowTeddy

    Kershaw Leonard Rapid Firing

  8. UF ShadowTeddy

    H3RO Rapidfiring

    [BBvideo 800,490:2v0yzu74][/BBvideo] User Banned.
  9. UF ShadowTeddy

    " Erick8652" Hacking (Imposter)

    Recorded by the real Erick8652 [BBvideo 800,490:65te2dnc][/BBvideo] This isn't our erick hacking, this is some poser.
  10. UF ShadowTeddy

    OldProphet's Project Cartographer Vid

    Check out OldProphet's Project Cartographer vid, and give him some H2PC love! [BBvideo 800,600:j860wcj5][/BBvideo]
  11. UF ShadowTeddy

    Discord Reports - "Xahanort" Rapid Firing/Speedhacking

    Via Nukeulater [BBvideo 800,490:3gi7tio4][/BBvideo] User banned, make sure you appeal.
  12. UF ShadowTeddy

    Halo 2 Custom Theme for Discord

    [] Introducing the Halo 2 Discord Redesign. A Custom Theme for Discord. This theme requires Better Discord in order to work. Better Discord Download This is the definitive edition of the Halo 2 Discord theme that I've been working sporadically on for a while now. As I got closer to finishing...
  13. UF ShadowTeddy

    "hitmount" speedhacking

    Via Discord DMs (Suffering) [BBvideo 800,490:3iafmnpr][/BBvideo] 4:34 5:27 6:38 7:43 8:26 8:53 9:02 most immportantly 9:30 10:18 10:48 Banned
  14. UF ShadowTeddy

    "Swanny94" rapidfiring/flyhacking

    [BBvideo 800,490:2niz1ya9][/BBvideo] [BBvideo 800,490:2niz1ya9][/BBvideo] User Banned
  15. UF ShadowTeddy

    "mataputas" sideshooting

    [BBvideo 800,490:131q3z03][/BBvideo] User Banned
  16. UF ShadowTeddy

    Discord Reports - Re-Z aimbotting

    Via Discord Reports: Suffering [BBvideo 800,490:22yozgqh][/BBvideo] 7:40 10:25 User Banned.
  17. UF ShadowTeddy

    "MAGIC" Fly/Speed Hacking

    Via Discord Reports: StealthWaffl5 [BBvideo 800,490:3qo01383][/BBvideo] User Banned.
  18. UF ShadowTeddy

    "Andresxd" Flyhacking

    Discord Reports - via |[S.R]|_RedToom [BBvideo 800,490:1kgglhwl][/BBvideo] User Banned.
  19. UF ShadowTeddy

    Discord Reports - "NickelBack"

    Via Discord #reports Fernando [BBvideo 800,490:m5nhh4m3][/BBvideo] User is Banned
  20. UF ShadowTeddy

    Discord Reports - "xiMohcine"

    Via Discord #reports Fernando [BBvideo 800,490:33t5hn8n][/BBvideo] AgenteSilver [BBvideo 800,490:33t5hn8n][/BBvideo] User is Banned