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    Hi there, how to get working on winXP 64?

    the mod doesn't work on windows xp currently
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    K/D & Stats

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    Report Format

    it was really just a joke to talk shit about TOXIC ICE. to reply seriously to your question: only cheating and modding can lead to a ban, anything that is within the game (such as betrayal and chat) is not really a bannable offence
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    Keyboard and mouse glitch

    you may have toggled this setting
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    hello & welcome
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    Some Host Server display, but many are missing on one PC installation.

    nothing you can do atm i believe
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    need help with port forwarding

    depends on your pc, i can't do any more than this
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    need help with port forwarding

    if people from other networks can't join, then it means you haven't port forwarded correctly or something is wrong with the port forwarding don't know what it could be except maybe a software firewall
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    Some Host Server display, but many are missing on one PC installation.

    hello this is a known bug that has no fix atm
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    need help with port forwarding

    oh boy try setting the WAN_IP setting to the ip address found on - it may be that the tool filled in the setting (which would make your game unjoinable). this needs to be done on every pc on your network
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    hi :D

    uninstall NOSTEAM and install this instead
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    Report Format

    we already know about him but we can't ban someone based on their obviously homosexual orientation
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    need help with port forwarding

    (1) the ip address in the router config needs to be set to YOUR local ip address (found by typing "ipconfig" in the command prompt) (2) you have selected the TCP protocol; it needs to be the UDP protocol (3) if you want people on your network to be able to join you need to open halo2config1.ini...
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    need help with port forwarding
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    Map making

    it all starts in a 3D application like 3dsmax or blender, but in the end you'll need map making tools + possibly its mod (h2codez) to finalize it
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    Noob Question.

    yes they are. welcome!
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    Says my account ID is invalid, can't log in to servers :(

    create account in the first menu
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    Is their split screen?

    this is sort of it: (1) first you need to determine how many players you want. (2) make a number of accounts equal to the number of players (3) you need to determine which players will play with a controller and which player with mouse and keyboard (if there is one) (4) start halo2 multiple...
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    Hi First Timer

    hello i don't understand the question you only need to make an account in-game to play multiplayer with the mod
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