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    mouse glitch

    set fps limiter to 60
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    Weapon disappear without enabling any skull

    it's a setting in the cartographer menu BUT it may be a bug linked to this release make sure you check the cartographer menu though
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    Error trying to log in: An internal error has occured

    run as admin make sure you are not using some sort of shady dll (update again if possible) make sure the Windows Management Instrumentation service is running before launching the game
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    Question about Skulls

    Whuppopotamus Difficulty: Legendary Effect: AI become more observant, noticing even active camouflage, shadows, the sound of reloading or drawing a weapon, footsteps, etc. They also have better accuracy and are much less likely to kill themselves or their teammates with explosive weapons...
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    Super Jumps?

    currently not available without an external tool. the tool is not public though
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    Console Commands

    they mostly only work on your own created games. not sure if kick works in this version (cause it's reverted from previous versions)
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    When is rank icons getting added

    if you look closely at the aim in the video, it follows people's heads through walls
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    How do ranks even work?

    ask uncut he's developing them
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    screen flickering

    How can I eliminate game stuttering / input lag? Try any combination of these options: If your mouse input feels slow / laggy, make sure your FPS is limited to 60. Modern graphics cards run the game at 400 fps which is not supported at all by the game engine. Switch to windowed mode through...
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    GraveRobber/graverobber/HeadHunter Variant

    0.5.1 is a revert to a previous version for stability and gameplay reasons; the graverobber code is absent from it
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    Screen Resolution In full screen

    press f7 in the main menu when in windowed mode. this will give you fullscreen borderless on any resolution (may break on high resolutions)
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    HitFix & H2X

    in H2X, weapon firerates are adjusted to halo 2 xbox firerates. this is very notable on the carbine or on the battle rifle.
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    Is a Halo 2 Vista Co-Op mod being developed?

    it is not being worked on
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    Please someone to help me with the ts3client.dll error, it does not let me start the game correctly, I have tried in many ways and still can not find
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    Custom Map Thread
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    Can't see in-game chat

    F1 to chat F9 to show/hide in-game chat
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    How to kick

    not atm
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    Banned from MLG Dedi 3? (Snipes H2X)

    could be a connection issue or a ban from the server itself. server owners can ban freely to their own preference, not much you can do about it
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    Using PS3 controller.

    hello I have no immediate solution to your problem, but there is something else you could try: you could use a tool named InputMapper to make your pc believe the PS controller is an xbox controller. then you can use a tool named Durazno to remap controller buttons. it will generate an ini file...