For any returning players having trouble installing newest update (Windows 10)...

Nov 22, 2016
Hello! I recently came back while away from home on the laptop and decided to see what was going on with Project Cartographer!

I was on an outdated build, but had trouble installing the newest update. I just wanted to share what worked for me is all.

Windows 10:

Find "Firewall & network protection" in System Settings (you can find this by typing in Firewall in the search box).

Select "Allow an app through firewall"

Select "Change Settings"

Find "Halo 2 for Windows Vista" and check both boxes for Private and Public (mine were unchecked).

Select "Ok"

After this, I was able to successfully install newest update by selecting "Play Offline" (I wasn't able to sign in before this) then "Cartographer" then "Update" then "Check for Updates" then "Download Updates" then "Install Updates".

Please delete this if already mentioned or merge into another topic if better. Thank you!

Glad to see this community is still around.
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