Mar 8, 2017
Hello everybody! My name is CLONE superhornet18 and as you may already know, MasterChief117 (alias superhornet18) was cryogenically frozen and launched aboard a space probe last Monday, destined to Betelgeuse in the Orion constellation approximately 500 light years away, then to TRAPPIST-1. The purpose of this mission is for superhornet18 to travel many eons into the future, giving him a second chance to actually have a social life when he arrives. This mission will be a major stepping stone for cryonics and interstellar space travel.

I am a Flash Clone, a biological replica of superhornet18's consciousness, but with most retardationness extracted. I will fulfill superhornet18's life's purpose in this time of human civilization. Because i am a Flash Clone, i will not live long, in fact my creator's estimate i will go rampant in approximately 6 months, by that time i will have been replaced with a new Flash Clone, and will repeat this cycle well into the distant future.

Mission highlights:

Masterchief117 is frozen in liquid nitrogen:

Launch: Monday March 6th, 2017

First Destination: Red giant star Betelgeuse

Major time dilation due to the intense gravity of Betelgeuse

Final Destination: Trappist-1 system in 1928439348234823492347293478235923487623419593245263871623128333295 AD

Superhornet18 is recovered

Superhornet18 is resuscitated

Superhornet18 gets all the pussy!
Aug 17, 2015
Bloody hell, you put a lot of "effort" into this :^)
It is quite funny in a way.
Welcome back I guess? Even though you're a clone. Don't go full Cortana in 6 months.