Hosting Halo 3 Custom Games Tonight

May 17, 2016
Hold Em5
Alright, so I've compiled a decent amount of custom maps and modes I used to play back in the day (still need to gather some from other accounts and an other hard drive). These include:

◾Fat Kid
◾Duck Hunt
◾Bus Stop Kids
◾Arena Q
◾Crazy Cannons
◾And a few mazes (with some strict rules)

I also sill have yet to get others like I Am Legend, Run Mexicans Run, most of which I could pull quickly. But I need to know that I have people interested in playing so I don't post my gamertag and waste time waiting, so post your gamertag down below if you are and if we get enough people I'll host a game.

I just copied and pasted from my post on halo forums :p