I am Sorry For cheating and Hack :(

Jan 18, 2019
Hello, good evening, this message is to apologize for the use to hack that I had at some point the truth alone was the first and the only time in my life lonely for the simple curiosity really I am very sorry and I am very sorry in seriously I apologize very sorry for me and for my partner our id son
and wing zero

I'm really sorry we made a very big mistake and we did not want this to happen it was just out of simple curiosity we really asked him for our heartfelt help

Hello, this post is to apologize to the entire halo group on behalf of the accounts with the Id. wing-zero Albriliu Krampus. Since due to previous events we use the use of hacks which we are very sorry and too sad, the truth we are supremely sorry for having used it and only once and only once was that day out of curiosity we had never used it and in truth we already learned the lesson and seriously I ask for help as such in this aspect I regret and I beg you to help me with this problem. Thank you very much and forgive us.

Please HelpMe
i am so sorry :(