PSA: We now have a LIVE Discord Server!

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May 29, 2015
UF ShadowTeddy
Hey everyone, We now have a discord server that is up and running. For those of you that are probably thinking about what discord is, Discord is a Web/Desktop VOIP client that works similarly to how Teamspeak works.

It is less CPU intensive than Skype (and to some extent Teamspeak) and doesn't require you to jump through hoops etc to install and setup Discord. You either choose to run discord within your web browser or you get the desktop client (Personally i prefer the desktop client, its much more versatile and offers System-Wide Push To Talk, and is not limited to how good your web-browser is)

So how do you join the Halo 2 Vista Discord Server? Use the Widget that is found on the main portal of the site and click on the connect button. You should be done at this point (Register an account too)
You will need to be a registered member on this forum

Discord Desktop (Download And Run):
[click=]Discord Desktop[/click]

Halo 2 Discord Link

If you have any problems with setting up discord, make sure you PM someone from the Admin team

UF ShadowTeddy
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