screen flickering

Nov 8, 2018
Hi there, I've been playing project cartographer for a while, upon my first play through and download screen tearing and flickering occurred even when the frame rate is capped at 60. I some how got it to stop whether through fiddling with the mouse controls or the safe area, I don't know. but sadly the screen flickering has suddenly returned out of no where and I have no Idea how to get rid of it.

I've had people to enable v-sync in the config files, but for some reason they are not there. is it because I 7-zipped the files instead of using the setup?

please help me out, this is a really fun game.


Project Cartographer Staff
May 10, 2017
How can I eliminate game stuttering / input lag?
Try any combination of these options:

  • If your mouse input feels slow / laggy, make sure your FPS is limited to 60. Modern graphics cards run the game at 400 fps which is not supported at all by the game engine.
  • Switch to windowed mode through the in-game video settings page
  • Disable the in game fps limiter (fps_limit = 0 in halo2config.ini) and use an external frame limiter such as Rivatuner Statistics Server to limit halo2.exe to 60 fps
  • Change vsync settings, either through graphics control panel or by adding -novsync to the Halo 2 shortcut.
  • On Windows 10, go to exe properties, click the "Compatibility" tab and disable full screen optimizations
  • Set compatibility mode to "Windows Vista Service Pack 2" (this will break reshade mod)
  • Assign CPU affinity of halo2.exe to something thats not CPU 0 or 1 using Task Manager
  • If you are running Windows 10, try this patch from Microsoft

when playing windowed mode, you can use F7 in the main menu to switch to borderless fullscreen