Software Developer Requesting Assignment

Mar 8, 2017
I am a humble software developer seeking an assignment for this project, i can program anything!

Technical knowledge:
-C++ and advanced objects including inheritance and polymorphism.
-LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
-C# and .Net FW
-HTML, CSS, and Javascript
-Bash (Linux) and Batch (Win) scripting
-GUI programming with Qt
-Network and socket programming Boost ASIO
-XML parsing
-And more!

I have so much spare time because i earn all my money passively.

And sorry, i do not have thorough knowledge of memory addresses and machine code, so i won't be able to decompile the game's binaries.

I will not be like this freak, got that sooopersniper (Alias Magic)???

Remember that superhornet18 was frozen and sent into deep space, i am a Flash Clone, inheriting only 5% of superhornet18's retardationness.

Unmute and invite me to Discord so we can further discuss my options to make Halo 2 great again!
Aug 17, 2015
There's so much lore behind superhornet.
Look, if you are gonna be civil and contribute, you should be allowed back on discord to discuss whatever it is.
It's not my decision of course, just voicing my opinion.