The Copy [Case Solved] 8:40 P.M. (PST)

Jul 22, 2013
Karugi, Vascilia
Desert Shark
After few test w/the Dev Preview Team people started to panic after seeing this Copy. With people seeing their own name being used by this "unknown" player. Who can it be? We need "YOU" to find him for us. Good luck out there soldier!

Alright folks these are some known "causes" of this Entity so far.
-has shitty taste with emblems
-the hacker made multiple "nick names" (accounts) that exactly like yours with the following symbols/phrase next to it.
a) Apple Logo
b) is gay ;)
c) identical Username w/video

Example a) Apple Logo [Ignore the Beam Rifle fag in the Player list]

Example b) is gay ;) [*Personal Note: A this point in H2PC we might as well all be gay]

Example c) identical Username

Video Evidence

*Personal Note: Not sure to ban the account name thief who is actually playing the objective, instead of the asshole teammate who's sabotaging him at the end of the video.

Extra Content
-couldn't find a place in this page to place I guess it I'll place them here.

Supersniper(Magic) asking very important question.

Small independent group trying to solve "who" the Entity is.

H2PC "Stuff" (Staff) hunting this hacker!

Confusion Section

Dasher accusing Tweek being this hacker.

MacBrade having a identity issue and admitting being more active in H2PC now.

Authors Notes: This has been like 6-7 time this page has been updated/revise in the last few hours. Am done you'll can blow me.

Will be working on a cathedral-of-nep page soon, going to ask people within that hidden community and see what their opinion is of that channel.
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Aug 17, 2017
Mmm i was in one of those games (alankawe0 i am), and also at some point i saw another player with the same profile name as mine. What i dont understand is what happened at the end? Because now i see it wasn't a coincidence.