The True End of Halo 2

Apr 17, 2019
In 2004, we all thought that the Master Chief would go to Earth to stop the advance of the Covenant. Unfortunately, the story of Halo 2 remained in cliffhanger, with the Spartan in the enemy's ship and the final line "Sir, finishing this fight"; We know that not all the fans took it well at that time. Now, the composer and ex-employee of Bungie, Marty O'Donnell, spoke about the original conclusion that he planned to include the study in the sequel to Halo: Combat Evolved.

During an interview with Disseny Web Girona, O'Donnell confessed that Bungie had a different view on the end of Halo 2. Apparently, the Master Chief was going to the Ark of the Covenant on Earth (seen up to Halo 3), and here the Spartan team with the Arbiter (known at that time as Dervish) to defeat the Prophet of Truth.

"In the end it was you and the Dervish chasing the Prophet of Truth through the Ark and having a great and glorious conclusion on Earth, ending the fight right there," O'Donnell said. The composer also commented that the voice actors had recorded their lines, and that they were ready to be used.

Unfortunately, continuing on that path required more time, and Bungie had to deliver Halo 2 on time. "It was very painful for me and everyone at Bungie to get rid of all that, we just could not finish that plan, because it was impossible."

Surely this final would have been more satisfying for the fans. But all was not lost, since we saw part of the idea of Bungie come true in the final stretch of Halo 3.

What would they have expected from the end of Halo 2? Did it seem good to you? or did they prefer something else?
Dec 30, 2018
Interesting, I always knew that due to deadlines Halo 2 was rushed, but I never knew that this was the "true ending" Bungie had planned. I feel that the cliffhanger in Halo 2 was cheap, but I'm glad that Bungie could express this ending in Halo 3. I also feel that Halo 3 "Finishing the Fight" added more impact to the trilogy, and that adding it in Halo 2 might have removed some of the impact Halo 3's campaign had.
Nov 25, 2018
when i was like 7 or 8 yrs old when i beat halo 2 i think i liked it as much as i liked the end of halo CE. it wasnt like satisfying as halo CE but it was more exciting when john says "finishing this fight" and the super dramatic music plays. it got me incredibly excited for halo 3!

also thank god halo 3 delivered well. if halo 3 wasnt amazing i think there never would have been another halo ever again. halo 3 made halo a household name