Sep 20, 2016
Hi, first I apologize for my bad english, I'll try to do my best for explain myself.
One year ago I was banned because I hacked, I used AIM bot during an online match. Today, time is past and I regret absolutely what I've done like the first day I've made it. I made a mistake despite all the warnings, I just want tried something to make the game more fun for me, it was not for winning a game or have a bad intention, even if it was totally stupid and unfair for the others.

I apologize again for the community and for all people who works hard for keeping halo 2 online alive. I'm 30years old and I acted like a stupid child.
I think we make all mistakes and I made one this day, it was first and only time I hacked in a video game.
I work with childrens, I know that's very important to give a second chance, and that mistakes are a part of learning.

Unfortunately bans are permanents, and I think it's regrettable that we can't have a second chance. Alright, there's rules and we must respect it, but it's a video game, I didn't kill anybody (one more time I don't want minimize what I've done, I know I disrepected everybody doing that)

I remember all good moments when I was 15 and I played online on my xbox, this game gave me very good times and I was happy for having possibility to play it again on project carthographer. Even if it's not vital, I'm a little sad for being unable to play it online anymore.
But again it's only my fault and I must assume.

I saw there's a way for "redomption" on discord, organize a 4v4 against admins and win it (I understand it but maybe I didn't understand right).
Honestly, I prefer avoid this way because I think it's an absurd method for be unban. Apologize here can have sense ,ok we can lie here to have bad intentions, but I think it's a first step to ask for forgiveness. I think people who apologize here care about the game, people for who it's not the case don't take time to whrite here.
I can't speak for the others of course, but it's the case for me.

Of course I'll never hack in a video game, I have learned the lesson one year ago, not today. And how stupid I was when I learned that there's servers allowed for hacks.

I would like to be unban, trial combat vs admins in the last resort (I really prefer to avoid it, not by fear of loosing because I've nothing to losse now, it just can be winning moove luckily) but I want to avoid it by principle.

Thanks for have taking time to read, I can't really explain all that like I would like to do but I tried.

ENJOY the game :)
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