Why can’t I create an account

May 20, 2018
I had an old version of ProjCart installed and it never updated for me, couldn't even figure out where to change the login info. So I reinstalled, finally got the correct version to display and it immediately prompted me for the U/P - and I knew the database had been wiped cuz I saw the msg some time ago on the site; just never got around to creating another account. Low and behold I got the same problem as you guys, no email, can't login. Would have preferred doing the sign up on site instead of in game, but it's a nice gesture if/when it works...

This used to work great, what's going on guys?

Why can't I just play over LAN, seriously this is all great and wonderful; but all I want is LAN - doesn't seem to work in offline mode at all - Can This Be Changed? Pretty Please! My son would love to play. If I posted this in the wrong place, then I'm terribly sorry.

Any way to get a server indicator on site or in game? Like when it's down or you cannot register at this time, a simple little blinking dot would work.

Many thanks in advance.

Big TwEEkx

Project Cartographer Staff
Nov 29, 2013
Big TwEEkx
We are aware of the email verification issue and we are working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you DM me your username and email I can activate your account manually.