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hello i am playing halo 2 project cartographer but there is no sound at all just when i launch the game small time loading screen and when the loading screen is over there is no sound help me please
quien me podría ayudar, llevaba algún tiempo sin entrar y olvide la contraseña, la restaure y al tratar de ingresar me dice que esta errónea, ademas el día de hoy trate de ingresar con una contraseña antigua que recordé y se cierra el programa.. ayuda quiero jugar
Hola, creo que a mi me prohibieron por que en juego de zombies mataba a mis compas, la verdad no soy hacker ni nada solo soy un chico de 15 casi 16 años jugando este hermoso juego hasta que me vino a la cabeza a matar compas, estoy muy apenado, puede ser por favor desprohibirme y no lo hare mas, gracias
I want to change my account name. His name is Metroid92 --- New Name to Change: Metroid Elite
Can you help me? Thanks
Can you help me?, i have this account, but when try to log in game, show message that say this account doesn't exist.
Hello, my name is Fabricio, I am from Colombia, I would like to apologize for the use of ban that was made 4 years ago in my account approximately, I really wanted please a help from your collaboration, regarding it and if it was possible to return to the game. I'm really very sorry.

My username is Albriliu.
Sod I got a question and also I'm a big fan of yours, it's about modding Elites! I need your help, if you could help me, I'll appreciate it a lot
Just joined :) Hello all! and I am SOOOO happy to see serves online and working, I was there the exact day the Halo 2 servers Shut down for good.... R.I.P.. but hay! this is just the same! and once this takes off it will be sick!!! Love the Remake!! 10/10!