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its been years since I lost saw someone name Anz11. Glad you're still alive and I assume drunk too.
Hola soy carlos franco gametarg FRANKASTER mira es que an baneado mi cuenta por una partida en donde aparesco bugeado y ni si quiera pude jugar y en el pusiste que era speed hack pero ni siquiera pude jugar era imposible si te das cuenta en la cantidad de muertes
por eso tuve que salirme de la partida
por favor para que me ayudes pues no puedo ingresar
Halo 2 and Doom 3 were my first video games, i played them with my dad when i was about 3/4 (he was a games developer for a company called gamevial so he needed to stay up to date with popular videogames). I don't remeber much about doom 3 however I have vivid memories of playing halo 2.
Hi, is there a chance for me to be unban from the game please? it's been a long time now, more than 6 month I think :/
hello I need your help I'm really very sad bored and desperate seriously I know that you can help me the truth I'm very sorry for having used hack but it was only once and I really regret it so sorry I regret but seriously I would like to play again Halo please help me I'm too sick and my life does not make sense :( I apologize to you and all the halo players seriously I'm very sorry