1. W

    H2 Vista achievements possible with Project Cartographer?

    I've been loving project cartographer and the accessibility is fantastic. Recently, I got an urge to get the remaining multiplayer achievements left on H2 (the gfwl version). I have my old physical copy, but my pc doesn't have a disc drive and I'd rather not have to go buy an external drive...

    XLLN - XLiveLessNess (LAN Enabled)

    Games for Windows Livelessness. A complete Games For Windows Live (GFWL) rewrite. Long story short, this program/library enables LAN play for Halo 2. Note that currently the LIVE and NETWORK menus both work over LAN but are separate from each other. Peer to Peer map downloading works too on...
  3. NoLefty

    Old H2Vista GFWL Gamer Pictures

    Does anyone remember how you got these? I never did see them in my gamer pictures tab. Just the old default stuff like the smiley face and the cat. Did you download them through the GFWL Marketplace? I was wondering if there was any possible way I could still get them. Probably not.