Project Cartographer Release Notes

Project Cartographer Release Notes:

Credits -

  • Hitfix now runs within the Multiplayer instance of Halo 2. It shouldn't interfere with campaign.
  • Raw mouse input (beta-buggy on vehicles)
  • Halo 2 Xbox rebalance for Halo 2 Vista game variant (Original Halo 2 weapon fire rates when "H2X" is in game variant name. Video explaining linked below)
  • Halo 2 Final game variant fix for dedi's

Credits - Glitchy Scripts

  • Improved Solution Setup

Credits - Rude Yoshi

  • Added a console (press ~ to access) and Remove chatbox commands (fixed rendering in game by Baked)
  • Disabled map downloading

Credits - NukeULater

  • Added support for 60fps cinematics
  • Reverted back crosshair location change code for multiplayer
  • Lowered the bullet speed in Hitfix

Credits - num0005

  • Release compiling instead of debug
  • Discord rich pressence
  • Static link runtimes with project so runtimes don't need to be installed

Credits - supersniper

  • Launcher 3.0.0:
  • Support latest cartographer version
  • Remove admin requirement
  • New settings: raw input, language, intro video
  • Fixed autodelete on internet connection loss
  • Fixed login form bug
  • Code optimization

H2X Rebalance mod video

And here is a sneak peek of the in-game UI update that will also remove the need for the launcher


Buen dia

Queria saber si se puede cambiar el nombre de mi jugador.

Ingrese al juego online con el nombre juancho como usuario y al entrar a una partida me sale ese mismo nombre así cambie de jugador o lo cree nuevo, siempre me sale ese nombre y no lo puede cambia.

como podria cambiarlo cuando ingrese al campo de juego