Project Cartographer v0.5.6 Update and Changelog

Project Cartographer v0.5.6 Update

Hey everyone! Here is a list of all new features in the new 0.5.6 update:

- Stability: Improved overall game stability. Over the last few months many players reported issues of random, frequent game crashes. Hopefully this update will help resolve these issues.

- Netcode: Improved overall netcode stability and functionality. The changes made will result in ping bars not displaying in game this was done on purpose.

- Favorites: Fixed the issue where you couldn't save servers as a favorite on the server list.

- OGH2: Fixed an issue where the OGH2 mod causes server CPU usage to spike.

Please note: the Network list is retired and will be converted to LAN play in a future update. All online play is through the ONLINE option.

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removing the ping bar is bad.... if there is lag in the game we can no longer pinpoint which player it is and ask them to find a closer server... it also means if there is a competitive game and there is noticeable lag but the player in the lead chooses not to acknowledge it there can be no disputing it without the evidence... being the ping bar.
I'm trying play halo 2 in two diferent PC in my Home whit the same LAN but in diferent Reuter, but doesn't work for me or my partner. Please help me
I can't join to any game, it shows me "Unable to Join, You can't join to this party. Please wait and try again later", pls, I need a solution.