Project Cartographer v0.6.7.8 changelog

Hello, we are happy to release another update below is a list of some of the changes contained in this update, have fun! :)
Get Ready for Tower of Power on Dedi's : D

- Added fix for zombies where game would not end in certain scenarios where all players were infected
- Removed cinematic and engine force experimental rendering options (caused issues that would give an advantage with aim assist)
- Fixed sensitivity inaccuracy on mouse and keyboard
- Fixed human turrets not spawning on Dedicated Servers (original h2v bug)
- Misc. code improvements
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Once I applied this update the following started happening: Issue every time I try to join an online game, the application closes and opens up web browser page: "" . I have never cheated before or changed anything. Would really like to be playing but cant join any online server now :( PLEASE HELP
I just got halo 2 project cartographer, and I want to create an account but it says that there is an internal error. What can I do to fix this?
I updated it and now I can create an account, but now when I try to get into a quick match it won't load at all, and when I press enter, it just exits the game
[ COTIZACIÓN = "sir_duck20, publicación: 19709, miembro: 43813" ] Lo actualicé y ahora puedo crear una cuenta, pero ahora, cuando trato de entrar en un partido rápido, no se cargará en absoluto, y cuando presiono enter, simplemente sale del juego [ / COTE ]
Lgraste solucionar, yo lo desinstale hace unos meses y lo instale y me dice que revise la pagina de projectcartographer y me ponga online y aun asi no me da ingreso