Request to add 2 fun custom maps to the whitelist

Aug 18, 2018
Hi there, i'd to request two custom maps to be added to the white-list/map repository for public download availability in-game. I believe these two maps are incredibly fun and entertaining, but do not get a chance to be played by the majority of players as they have to manually download them and add the files to their maps folder. I primarily want to do this so that I can introduce alternative game modes, as well as produce fresh, entertaining game-play footage to show off Project Cartographer attracting a larger audience to the game.

Monster Trucks v0.1: (14.9 MB)

This map is all about ramming each other off the edge. It's basically a well-made destruction derby which I have not seen before on cartographer.


Speed Halo v1: (8.29 MB)

The aim of the game is pretty basic, but fun if you have loads of people, grab a vehicle and drive down the bumpy ramp tumbling and crashing your way to the bottom. At the bottom there are teleporters that teleport your vehicle back to the top so the key is to just keep driving or get flattened!
This map works with many gametypes like slayer, team slayer, oddball and zombies! The sophisticated architecture and multiple levels of this map will enhance your gaming experience and promote a more racing-type experience to the Cartographer community.


Thank you for your consideration
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Feb 26, 2016
The first one is on the repo but just has underscores instead of spaces. The second doesn't seem to be on the repo so I'll take care of it later.
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Mar 22, 2013
Also, you can download files from somewhere else and then manually add them to the folder. As long as they have the map in their custom map folder it'll work. Just cannot download in-game. When you dowoad a map, make sure the game isn't open or close it out. Then start the game so the game can add the new maps to the maps menu thingy