Skulls, Achievements and Extras.

Jun 6, 2015
West Swindon
Halo 2 was the first game in the Halo franchise to introduce the Easter eggs, achievements and the extras to be found in the game. I know some of you maybe didn't quite get all of the things in the game - like I could never get the damned Scarab Gun even though I really wanted to. Here you can see exactly how to get them and where they are.

[Unnamed] - Armoury
Thunderstorm - Cairo Station
Blind - Outskirts
IWHBYD - Outskirts (I Would Have Been Your Daddy)
Catch - Metropolis
GBP - The Arbiter (Grunt Birthday Party)
Famine - The Oracle
Envy - Delta Halo
Assassins - Regret
Mythic - Sacred Icon
Sputnik - Quarantine Zone
Anger - Gravemind
Ghost - Uprising
Iron - High Charity
Black Eye - The Great Journey

At the beginning of the level, after you power your shields for the first time, Sergeant Johnson shows up on an elevator. Wait in the room until Johnson starts berating you, telling you to get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say "Would it help if I said please?" (this takes approximately four minutes and forty seconds). Once he says this, get in the elevator, and go up to the tram. Get on the tram, and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold X down, and you should pick up the Skull. It's on a stack of crates, near the end of the tram ride.

Effect: The Unnamed Skull strengthens the Artificial Intelligence of both allies and enemies. They will now notice the slight shimmer of active camouflage, shadows, the sound of reloading or drawing a weapon, footsteps, etc. All computer controlled characters have better accuracy and are much less likely to kill themselves or their teammates (the player for example) with the Rocket Launcher/Fuel Rod/Brute Shot.

Trivia: The name, given by Bungie only recently, is because 7 is their favourite number.

In the large room after the armoury, you need to use a Crouch Jump to get onto a light fixture on the right wall (right of the room when you enter) and then jump from there onto the higher area. There is a series of diagonal beams. Walk up one near to the end of it and use it to Crouch Jump onto one of the rails. You can fall between the rails, so be careful. Once on the rail, walk down it until you can jump onto the highest platform. Then melee the trashcan away from the wall a few times, the Skull is right behind it.

Alternate Directions: It is possible to Grenade Jump up to the platform if you can't stay on the rails. The Sputnik Skull helps a lot here, but it's possible without it. Just get on the ground near the platform the Skull is on and Grenade Jump. You also don't need to melee the trashcan out of the way, but it will reveal a interesting hidden object. Near the Skull is a burning cigar that looks like a Sweet William Cigar, the type that Sergeant Johnson is seen using.

Effect: Causes most enemy units to be their highest rank. Elites and Grunts will become ultras. Jackals will become majors (orange shields), sentinels will be majors (gold) except for the ones in the levels the Arbiter and the Oracle, Brutes will be Brute captains and Flood Elites will all have shields. Spec Ops, Honour Guard Elites, drones, hunters, jackal snipers, Flood humans, Marines and basically everyone else are unaffected.

Note: Any enemy units that have spawned, previous to you acquiring the skull, will remain at the same rank they spawned as.

When you start the level, go through the door and kill the Grunt there. Backtrack and right above the first door you came through there is a light. Crouch Jump onto that and either Crouch Jump or Grenade Jump again (Crouch Jumping is easier), and you should be on the roof (or you can get the Sputnik Skull and only use one grenade). Look for a space between the two buildings, and go into it, at the end there should be four Fragmentation Grenades, a spotting scope, and the Skull in front of them.

Effect: Your HUD becomes invisible. In other words, you cannot see your weapon (unless it's the Energy Sword, which has a glitched appearance with this Skull), body, shields, ammunition, motion tracker, or use your flashlight. Muzzle flare from weapons though, are still visible. However, well experienced players should be able to accurately judge where they are aiming with ease. Also, as enemies can still spot you, this Skull serves no tactical advantage whatsoever (although machinima makers will find a good use for this Skull), although hitting enemies with the Skull should kill them with only two or three hits. The effects of this Skull will last until you turn off the Xbox or eject the disc. Oddly, you can still see the shadow of your weapon, and even the Blind Skull itself. This skull appears in any difficulty.

Extra Information
An interesting possible message left by Bungie is seen in the form of the frags and scope. There are four frags, and the scope, which could be interpreted as "foresight". Also, since the Blind Skull is available on all difficulties, it is a sort of "trick skull", to make you think you've obtained the skull of the level, since every other level (excluding the Heretic, which is an opening cut-scene) has one, obtainable on Legendary only. So, it is meant to stop you from getting the IWHBYD Skull. Another possibility is that the scope is meant to stand for the word "Look" and the four grenades stand for the word "For" which could make the message "Look for Skulls" ("Skull" is in reference to the Blind Skull). Also, after getting the Skull, walk back a bit and activate your flashlight.

A circle of light on the ground where the spotting scope is appears (it looks quite a bit like the Marathon symbol, this will not work if you restart the level or save and quit). Also, this Skull is often used for making machinimas, as you cannot see yourself. In contrast to the Active Camouflage, in which there is a slight shimmer, there is perfect invisibility for the Blind Skull, thus increasing its usefulness. Also, with this Skull, you will not have a flashlight on the level Outskirts, and possibly all levels.

This is by far the hardest Skull to obtain. For the Skull to spawn at all, all previous checkpoints must be obtained. You can progress through the level normally to get IWHBYD, but the easiest way is as follows. From the beginning of Outskirts, run into the first hallway. A single Grunt will confront you. Kill it, and then look overhead. You will see two lights on either side of the hallway. Jump on to one of them, and then crouch jump up to the higher platform. From there turn around and run along the thin ledge to the right of the alleyway below.
Across from it, you will see another platform. Jump to it, then Grenade Jump or double jump onto yet another higher level. From there, look left and you will see a nearby rooftop, jump to it; go to the right and head down that alley, where you'll be able to jump onto the higher rooftop. Head to the top left corner (make sure you crouch when walking to the corner it helps) and wait for two checkpoints to pass. Do not move from that spot until then.

After the second checkpoint when the Pelican leaves, look to the right where the Pelican first spawned, and jump down onto the bridge below. Grenade Jump or jump on the banister and crouch jump onto the rooftop ahead and run forward over to above the little alley where your Marines wait for you to advance and wait for the checkpoint there. Backtrack to where you first jumped onto the rooftop in front of the bridge and head left towards where the Pelican leaves. Run along the rooftops until you reach the flat part of the bridge and jump down. Jump from the bridge into the alley below and run up the cement ramp. Turn right and you'll see some boxes. Jump onto them and get onto the roof to your left. From there, look right and jump onto that rooftop. Head to your left.
You should now be on the other side of the sniper alley, facing a small bridge where a Jackal Sniper spawns. Head to the right and you'll see two interconnecting balconies. Head to the one furthest from you, and go through the door. If you've done things right, you'll see the Skull between a sniper and some ammo. Be warned, the Skull will only appear if you've obtained all previous seven checkpoints. There is also a checkpoint over the Skull's room, so wait to get it before you go inside.
If the Skull does not appear, then simply revert to last checkpoint and try again. If you want to save the Skull, (in case you fail in the fight with the Elites) you should exit the room and proceed to get another checkpoint. Save and quit. Restart and go back to room with the Skull. It will always be there. When you grab the Skull, you'll be transported into the alley. You'll have only a Plasma Pistol, and must fight off seven waves of Ultra Elites (wave one starting with one Elite, wave two with two Elites, and so on).

Note: this is much easier with the permanent invisibility glitch. If you die in the alley with no checkpoint after the checkpoint in the Skull room, there will be several white flashes, you will be reverted to the checkpoint in the Skull room, the Skull will disappear sometimes and will not take effect. Also, if you attempt to escape the alley, you will get teleported to the Elites' position and lose all your collected weapons. Once you kill all seven waves, the Skull will become active.
If you get a checkpoint while fighting the Elites, save and quit. You will restart where you saved and then you can continue killing them. Saving here will enable you to load the IWHBYD effect (by killing the remainder of the Elites), the actual Skull will not be reloaded.

Effect: The rarity of combat dialog is changed, rare lines become far more common but common lines are still present at their normal rate.[1]

Trivia: The Skull is named after a Sergeant Johnson quote sometimes heard in Assault on the Control Room: "I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence!" Sergeant Stacker also occasionally says this on the Silent Cartographer. The first chapter of Assault on the Control Room is also named "I Would Have Been Your Daddy...". IWHBYD may also refer to it. This skull might also just be the skull to make up for the first level since it is just a cut scene all the way and that there was supposed to be at least one skull on every level.

Fighting off seven waves of Ultra Elites is a reference to Bungie's favourite number, "7".

Right after you exit from the underground highway, you'll come to a large open-air circular area with a handful of Jackal Snipers and some Elites. The quickest way to get safely to the Skull is to get the next checkpoint by jumping into the Warthog and letting the Marine drive you to the next area. Jump out of the Warthog and backtrack to the large room, and clear the area. Or you can get your Warthog from the bridge and just run right through the platforms and the other part until you reach the place where you find the Wraiths attacking the building where the Marines are (but you don't have to fight them) and then go back and the enemies will be gone when you go back. You will see a large semi-circular beam going from one of the main platforms that goes from the ground up to the top of the two towers. Do a Grenade Jump at the bottom of this beam and walk all the way to the top. Jump over to the ledge of the left tower. Walk to the end of the ledge and you will find the Catch Skull. The Sputnik Skull may be helpful if you have trouble Grenade Jumping.

Effect: A.I. will throw more grenades. Also, everybody (allies and enemies) will drop two grenades of their kind (humans drop frag grenades and aliens drop plasma grenades) Flood will drop grenades depending if they're human or alien.

Extra Information: It is wise to have this Skull on in Flood levels, since Flood do not throw grenades. This Skull is also slightly tinged orange where the other Skulls are not.

The very first time you get a Banshee, fly down. Below you is a large beam-like structure (not to be confused with the one directly below you that turns and goes vertical) running from the arm of the station you just came out of to one exactly like it on the side opposite. Below this structure are three cylinders hanging down, with cylinders of light shooting out of the bottom(and the sides). They look like they are what keep the station afloat. If this explanation is too vague, they are the absolute lowest parts of the station. Now go to the middle engine and land on the top part of it. This and the other engines connect to the large structure mentioned earlier. The tops of the engines come up to meet the structure at an angle, where this angle is under the connecting structure and coming up to meet it, there is a place to walk (like being under a bridge). Under one side you will see the six Heretic Grunts dancing in a circle around the Skull. If you want to see the effects immediately, headshot one of the Grunts (the others won't react in any way), and his head will explode!

Effect: Headshots turn into Plasma Grenade explosions. You must first take down an Elite's shield for this to work on one. You also need to shoot Brutes and fellow Marines twice (if they don't have a helmet or you shoot marines in their face, you only need to shoot them once) in the head for this to work. You can also give a headshot to a dead body and it will still explode. This Skull doesn't affect Hunters, Drones or Sentinels. Keep in mind that the Flood's "head" is actually their sensory antennae, so you need to shoot them in the chest area. Note: you can combine this with the Sputnik Skull. This will make the explosions really powerful and amusing. (It is also A LOT easier to obtain with the Sputnik Skull.)

After you get off of the slowly descending elevator, you will come to a hallway where you see a handful of dead bodies. Continue into the next room, and you will be on the second floor of a room that has a lot of glass windows. When you enter this room, look to the right, and find the third pane of glass. It should be to the right of a wall that has some Flood guts splattered on it. Shoot out this window, and the windows directly across the room. If you look below you, you will see a platform that has four tall posts. On the far side of the room there is a column that is right in between the two windows on the far side of the room. Turn on your Active Camouflage, and jump to the centre platform. Jump on either of the posts on the far side of the platform and jump to the column between the windows. Make another jump through the window you shot out, and make a left. Walk all the way to the end and you'll find four Elite Combat Forms convulsing on the floor, with the Famine Skull in the middle of them. Sometimes, the Combat Form nearest to the battlefield stands up, but it does not attack.

Effect: All dropped weapons have half ammo. Weapons that spawned on the floor or spawned with are unaffected.

Progress through Delta Halo until you come to an area with a large central structure that has a multitude of columns (the place with the many stationary shield generators). This is the area where Cortana tells you that they are all pouring out of the middle. When you first get into this area, you have to go left, and there is a ramp on the left that goes up and then back down. Get on this ramp and continue up the wall until you are on the landing where there will be (or used to be) some Plasma Turrets. Follow this landing all the way to its end, and you'll see a door that is blocked off by a large stone. Jump on top of the stone, and jump again to get on a thin ledge. Make sure you're up against the left wall, and Grenade Jump up to the top of the wall to your left. Once you're on this wall, you'll see that the right wall ends and there is some earth behind it. Jump onto the dirt, and follow the stone wall all the way to the top. When you're on the top of this wall, you can look down towards the center and you should see two Stealth Elites repeating their "angry stance" towards each other with the Envy skull between them. (Note: They will not attack you, even if you shoot at them. But if they are killed they will fire their weapons randomly before they hit the ground, which can hurt you).

Another way of getting the Skull is to grenade the stone away from the door. For that, you'll need all the Fragmentation and Plasma Grenades you can carry, sometimes even more (using rocket launcher and having the Sputnik skull would be helpful). Throw each of them into the corner behind the stone. Every time a grenade explodes, the stone will move a little. You'll never get it fully out of the way, but after about eight or nine grenades, there will be enough space to go through the door. Alternatively jump on the rock and throw one Plasma Grenade in the corner behind the rock. This should move it enough so that you can drop into the crack and melee the rock until the doorway is clear. If not, throw a couple more grenades. If you do not have any grenades or rocket launcher ammo, use a Scorpion or Wraith to blast the stone away. This method leads you up a ramp and into a room open to one side where you'll find two dead Grunts along with two Energy Swords (an Easter Egg which implies that these two Grunts accidentally killed themselves with the Swords). Exit the room and you'll be on a platform above the normal area. Grenade jump towards the room you just exited, and you'll be with the Stealth Elites and the Envy Skull.

Effect: The Master Chief now has an Active Camouflage device just like the Arbiter's. However, there is no visible timer, so remember: five second cloak with ten second recharge on Legendary (the recharge and cloak times are longer and shorter, respectively, on easier difficulties). To fully exploit the effects of this Skull, execute the permanent invisibility glitch.

Immediately after the gondola ride following the battle with the Hunters, there will be a building with two turrets on it. Enter the building and turn to your right. There will be a box, jump on it. From there jump to the adjacent light fixture, then to the ledge. The ledge leads to the area with the two turrets.
Once there, Grenade Jump to get onto the roof area. Then, using Crouch Jumps and/or Grenade Jumps, follow the right side perimeter of the building. Once you have gone as far as you can go you will find a small grassy area with two Stealth Elites holding Energy Swords (one can be assassinated the other cannot) in their "angry stance" and the Assassins Skull between them.

Effect: All enemies in game are permanently cloaked. Allies can sometimes see them but mostly they can't, so they can't help much.

Note: This Skull also appears on any difficulty, but no Elites will be standing there, the flash and name will not appear, and the effect will not take place. If you kill a lot of Marines they will turn against you and become cloaked.

When you reach the large underwater room with the Giant hologram of the Prophet of Regret, the skull is located on the top of the pillar, right next to the hologram. As the name implies, it can only be obtained in the PC version of Halo 2.

Effect: This skull's effect, if any, is unknown.

There is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is an Enforcer in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a very dark and dank Flood infested area. There's a stack of six or seven boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. The Skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human Flood.

Effect: Enemies have more health and shielding, and are therefore harder to kill. Note: health and shielding increase more as the enemies rise in rank. A red Grunt will not gain as much health as a white Grunt. Similarly, a blue Elite Minor will gain a small bit of health, but an Ultra Elite will gain a ridiculous amount of both shielding and health, to the point that a Plasma Pistol overcharge won't drop their shields even halfway. Besides that, it also makes your allies gain a small bit of health, and the Skull will make allies immune to being meleed.

Note: For those who like a challenge, combine with the Thunderstorm Skull.

This is probably the easiest Skull to obtain next to to the Blind Skull. At the start of the level, look directly behind you for an Elite. Slightly further to the right of it is a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and continue walking straight until you pass a bridge, which is to your right. Beyond the bridge there is a narrow ledge jutting out of the cliff face ahead. Jump onto this. Hug the wall (Just enough room for you to walk) until you get to the end of the cliff, and you will see the Sputnik Skull floating in the air.
This is arguably the most popular skull in Halo 2, as players like to have a lot of fun making things fly around and going on "vacations". A lot of glitches involve the use of the Sputnik Skull.

Effect: The mass of certain objects is severely reduced, making them fly further when smacked with a melee hit, or when they are near an explosion. Weapon damage seems to have strengthened slightly. It also has the added effect of making enemies turn around when you hit them, allowing you to kill them in two hits. With the Sputnik Skull's effect in place, players can reach nearly impossible places and much higher altitudes using Grenade Jumps. Also, your melee has strengthened force. This Skull is one of the ways to obtain the Scarab Gun and is a key component if you want to get the Soccer Ball Easter egg.

After you save both groups of Marines, continue until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the Gravity Lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall and an invisible Gunner Grunt will spawn wielding a Fuel Rod Cannon. Kill him and reach the floating Skull called "Anger".

Effects: Enemies and allies fire their weapons faster and more frequently.

Immediately after the armoury room that is full of Covenant and human weapons, there is an L shaped room. Grenade Jump, using a Ghost, up to the rafters of this room, and you will find the Skull over a doorway. Or, if you are playing co-op, get a box from the weapon room, and have one player stand on the box, then have the other player stand on the first player's head, have player two Crouch Jump on to the ledge and grab the skull.

Effect: A.I. characters will not flinch from attacks, melee or otherwise.

When you enter the final (the second) large Gravity Lift (do not confuse with smaller ones throughout the level), look up. A Skull will pass through you extremely quickly so you must start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it.

Effect: When playing co-op, if either player dies the game restarts you at your last checkpoint. The effect resembles the effect already in place on Legendary difficulty, making it a somewhat redundant Skull.

Eventually you have to escort Sergeant Johnson, who is in a Scarab, to Delta Halo's Control Room. Follow him along until you see the Control Room in front of you. Directly above the door that Johnson blows open with the Scarab is an angled beam. Land your Banshee on this beam and walk to the top of the beam. Look down and to your left and you will see a circular angled wall. Jump onto this wall and walk to the top. Walk straight along the right-hand side of this area. You will have to jump over a small beam in front of you. Continue walking straight until you come to a grassy area.

Keep walking up the grassy hill and go until you come to the point where can jump onto the angled support for the tower meets the grass. Jump onto the support and walk up the support. It's a very steep climb, so jumping while you're going up the support speeds up the walk some. At the first landing you will see the Black Eye skull sitting on a glowing white panel on the floor.

Effect: Your shield does not charge normally. To charge your shields you must kill something (enemy, ally, or turret) with a melee attack (anything but the Energy Sword). You can charge your shields into the Overshield range by doing this (one kill will charge 100% of your normal shields). Also activates subtitles during cut scenes. Additionally, this skull causes the falling snow in the multiplayer level Lockout to disappear.

To see it, play the level on any difficulty to the second part where you are outside and go to the place where the Special Operations Grunt is carrying the Fuel Rod Cannon. It's not where the Angry Skull is, but a place like it. Go out the door and kill the Brute, the Jackal and the Elite, then go to where the Jackal Sniper was before you killed him, then turn around. On the wall beside the door you came out of, should be a crocodile with something in its mouth. It is somewhat unclear, although using the scope on the Sniper Rifle will allow you to see it clearer. The face is made out of the lines on the wall.

First, change your character model to an Elite (this is needed because they get out of the Spectre from the front) and make a gametype where you have an Overshield and some Spectres.

Once made, go to the Blue Base in Coagulation. Use the Spectre's boost to climb up the right part of the cliff near the base. There is a ridge on the wall as you continue left that forces you down, so stay clear of it by moving slightly down from it.
By now, you should be completely sideways, and approaching a ridge on the cliff. Keep boosting on it, and you'll eventually get over it. It should take a few tries, but you should stay patient.
When you get to the very top of the cliff, turn around in your Spectre, keep its left wing on the rim you originally approached, move the nose of the craft slightly over the rim, and search for a small notch in the cliff. Then, get out in a way so that you stay on the ledge.

Walk along the cliff towards Red Base but make sure to not walk on the edge. There are notches in it that you can fall into, and never get out of. Once at the back end of Red Base's cliffs, look around for a white patch in the rock. At first, the patch won't look like anything, but back up and look again. There is an M clearly visible on the cliff.

You must have a Particle Beam Rifle for this to work. Proceed normally until you reach the part in which you have to escort Johnson's Scarab. Escort him until you can hijack a Spectre or Wraith.

When you have one, proceed to the area in which Johnson blows open the Control Room door and drives directly into the water. Head towards the island with the Control Room in it. When you reach that island, look for a sloping rock face. Climb it using the Spectre or Wraith, until you are above the water and on dry land. Continue to drive up the island using the boost and the hand brake, when necessary. Then go towards the highest point, either the top of the island's mountain, or the top of the Control Room. Both can be reached by simply boosting and hand braking to the top. When you reach the summit, or the top of the Control Room you can enjoy the view.
But there is also something else you can do. Get out the Beam Rifle. From your high vantage point it is easier to see this. Look to the right, then zoom in to x5. In x5 zoom search for something that looks out of place. When you find it in the sky, to the right of you, zoom in to x10. What you are seeing is the pillars from the levels High Charity and Gravemind. It is unknown why these pillars happen to be in this area, though it is speculated that they were meant to be incorporated in the final fight and left out. They can neither be reached, nor destroyed.

You can also gain a view of these objects, although a limited view, by simply staying in the Banshee and flying to the right of the last cliff on the left (you may still have to destroy the turrets off the Phantom). Your view will not be as great as scoped in with the Rifle, but you can still see the objects.

During the opening cinematic of Delta Halo while playing on Legendary, at the very beginning were you see the Grunt, look closely at it and you will notice that he has a Master Chief doll and a Grunt doll in his hands. It is easier to see if you take a picture and zoom in with a editing program. If you have Halo 2 Vista, you can use the detachable cam.
On other Easy and Normal difficulties, the Grunt is seemingly playing with dirt. But using Devcam mode, it is seen the Grunt is playing with two Plasma Grenades. On Heroic, the Grunt is playing with fire.
The objects disappear shortly before the UNSC SOEIVs' landing on the surface of Delta Halo.

On almost every control panel in the armoury, there is at least one screen with the message:

On the Control Panel in the corner of the room, behind the armour plates, there are two lines of ten blinking lamps. Over and between them is some really small text. On the top of the first line, the message says "FUSION GRID STATUS", and on top of the second line it says "BLINKING LIGHT SIMULATOR".
On the floor in the shield tester, there is a warning stating: "Warning! Unauthorized personnel must stand clear".
If you look at the different boxes you can find some interesting items, like Marine Boots, the mobile turret that Sgt. Johnson carries at the start of the "Cairo Station" (before the "Home Field Advantage" part), and even some meals.
"Rev. Pain" is the player name for one of Halo's creators from Bungie studios.
The "Wu" may refer to Louis Wu, the alias of the admin of or also the protagonist in the science fiction story "Ringworld" by Larry Niven, which shares many of Halo's themes.

To reach the sword, one must get to the Rooftops Vacation; this can be accomplished at the very start of the level. As soon as you exit the room with the crashed Pelican, jump onto the door frame. From there, jump onto the higher platform. It should be noted that the Blind Skull is nearby. It might be wise to bring a Sniper Rifle in case Covenant bother you. Make your way over the rooftops to the sword; it is in the top level of a building not far from Hotel Zanzibar. The building's roof has a large chunk missing, suggesting something hit it.

Note that if you have not already killed all of the enemies at the Hotel, obtaining this Sword will prompt an Ultra Elite to attack it.

The Scarab Gun is a Type-25 Directed Energy Weapon that looks like the normal Plasma Rifle but has the firepower of a Scarab's main cannon, hidden in the Halo 2 level Metropolis. It has unlimited ammo, continuous rapid fire, and it never overheats. However, if you fire this gun too close to your position, you will die instantly due to the immense splash-damage. It is dual-wieldable, just like a normal Plasma Rifle. The Halo 2 Scarab Gun is the most powerful weapon of the entire Halo series, causing more destruction than the Halo 3 Spartan Laser and even the Scarab cannon in Halo 3. Even on Easy difficulty, with shields, it takes a great of amount of skill to not kill yourself.

On the level Metropolis, near the area where the player fights a trio of Wraiths (the Marine command post), there are public bulletin panels scattered about with public messages or "Citizen Alerts" to civilians. You can find one by following the road which curves around in a detour to the left. There are two variations of the sign, each with a different message concerning the battle with the Covenant. These signs are similar to the four that are visible in the Halo 2 E3 Demo, when Master Chief operates the turret and after one of the Marines on the radio says "Hostiles right". It's unknown if the messages on the boards are the same as in the final game. One of the variations of the sign is a message from Earth Secretary of Defence Paul Murphy Russel imploring the youth of New Mombasa to enlist in their local "freedom fighter brigade" to fight the Covenant. The other variant is a message from Earth Minister of Information David Dockmaster Dunn urging civilians to "please do your part by reporting to the nearest evacuation zone." Unlike most other signs on the level, these signs are destructible and will explode violently (the way they do in the Halo 2 E3 Demo).

One version of the sign:

Another version of the sign:
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To be fair Halo 1 had easter eggs and secrets, see MEGG, Thristy Grunt, Legendary Ending

Still remember on my original Xbox for H2 I had a save for each Skull ontop my normal ones
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