Temp fixes for 0.5.4 issues- Crash on start and "zoom in" low FoV issue

Feb 14, 2013
If you are having issues with your game crashing when launching after updating to 0.5.4, simply go to your game's shortcut > right click it > select properties and click the "shortcut" tab. At the end of the 'target' line, go to the end outside of the quote marks and add the following parameter: -disabled3dex ...as shown in this image

If you are having a low field of view issues or a "zoomed in affect" where you can't see anything, simply go into the Cartographer guide either on the main menu by pressing "Cartographer", or press the "Home" key located near the delete button on your keyboard to open it in game. From there simply go to Advanced Settings > Customize HUD/GUI > Player FOV > and change it accordingly. Xbox default is 78, Halo 2 PC default is 72.

Thank you all for being patient while we iron out these issues!
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