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  1. D

    im not sure fi this is teh rigth palce for this question or not.

    Hi, i tried asking in the discord and theyw ere no help. all i was asking is how is halo mcc on xbox app versio nor soemthing like that. they refused to anwser cause dit wasnt steam, lol. im like how is it my fualt for avoiding steam?? stema fanboys. sorry off topic, lol. so anyway how is the...
  2. iTzRaDiaNT

    Online Stats page

    Can we get maybe like an Online stats page, just for Grins so we can all check out our games ect. as well as maybe Ranks if that comes out then they can be on that page as well :) sorry if someone posted this idea already.
  3. F

    My Account is Banned

    Please people help me with my acoount, today i created my firt account in this game, but ist banned way help me my email is [email protected] y my profile is farkot09. When I add account, I get the error of a banned account that I must post in the forum to demonstrate my innocence ...
  4. screamox02

    Tu_Gfa12 Hack CTF Distrito

    Hey folks, i caught this cheater. Nickname: Tu_Gfa12
  5. | SCRAPY |


    Transfusion Download Here Transfusion, I ended up removing the majority of rocks along the walls and some tree's due to in-game issues. Made adjustments to the cliff ledges, rocks for cover throughout the map. It's essentially just and is Coagulation, but with more stuff, in an attempt to...
  6. UncutFighter

    Exodus: A Halo 2 PC Competitive Quadtage

    Gameplay by: Xer, UncutFighter, Driven, Steel Pulse Editing: VA BlackHawk
  7. K

    Modern Controls?

    Hey ya'll :) I recently got back into my childhood game. Is there any modern FPS keyboard mapping scheme I could use? Whenever I try changing it around, it ends messing up something else. Any tips or links?
  8. Headhunt3rv3

    Halo 2 Project Cartographer on Linux Guide

    Made this after hours and hours of tinkering, this is the best way to get Halo 2 running on Ubuntu based Linux distros. (idk if this works for EVERYONE, but this is what I have done to get the game running on MY Linux machines, it SHOULD work for everyone though) also a halo custom edition...
  9. R

    They banned me for installing the game ...

    Help, because I have been banned if I have not played this, I am new and I would like to play I love Halo, I love it, I want to play his second game in multiplayer and they ban me please help me Nick S286 ip if it helps them if something ...
  10. N

    change username?

    hello Halo community, :) it is possible to change in multiplayer (Halo 2) the username? thanks a lot. yours sincerely nateball
  11. UncutFighter

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide for FPS

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide A guide for fixing FPS issues The following steps are for fixing FPS issues AFTER the usual steps you would use such as lowering resolution and quality details as well as updating drivers Step 1: If using Windows 10, right click the taskbar and select “Taskbar...

    Halo 2 Update/Patch Technical Change Log and Info

    Halo 2 Xbox: https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Halo_2_Auto-Updates Halo 2 Vista: https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Halo_2_Vista_Patches FIXME: not sure where 1.1a and 1.1b sit on H2X. Halo 2 Xbox 1.0: Halo 2 Xbox 1.0 (Autoupdate 1): Halo 2 Xbox 1.0 (Autoupdate 2): Halo 2 Xbox 1.1 (Autoupdate 3): Halo 2...
  13. Vizayen

    Halo 2 Map Editor - french's tutorials

    Where can I found french's tutorials of Halo 2 Map Editor and map's creation? I know only one !
  14. | SCRAPY |

    [MAP-Edited] Foggy Maps Zombie?

    It'd be interesting if someone could throw these on a server and see how people like them? Ctf, zombies, ts. Green fog, zombie style map edit for coagulation and others. just drop the map in customs map in my documents, my games, halo 2, maps...
  15. | SCRAPY |

    [Map] H2MT Sanctuary B

    Been working on this for awhile it seems. had this map halfway done, 5-6 years ago according (just looked) to my files lol. Now i believe it is done for now, unless errors pop up when more than 2 players play. please share and play and give input. Thanks to General_101, Hexthat, Kills_Alone...
  16. M

    Campaign Co-op

    Hi guys is there any way to do a Co-Op campaign? I wasn't sure if the code had been written for it.
  17. BoundlessHalo97

    Need Help Tracking Something Down

    So a few years back (around 2006-2007) a YouTube user uploaded a video showcasing their custom-made Spartan A.I. for the original Xbox release of Halo 2. The video took place on the map Coagulation and had a song by Avenged Sevenfold playing in the background. While the A.I. was rather...
  18. AnonFriction

    Marathon Maps

    Hey everyone! I'm working on remaking some Marathon Infinity maps in Halo 2 so thought I'd start a thread for sharing progress. :D First attempt "Wrath No More" I've added some bridges and extra pathways to hopefully help with flow since Marathon played a bit differently For those who don't...
  19. BoundlessHalo97

    My First Speedrun

    So speedrunning has never been something that I've been massively into, but for fun I decided to record myself - for the very first time - doing Halo 2's Outskirts mission. Sadly, this is actually my second attempt due to saving the original as a .flv file. I'm new to this, so please be nice.
  20. sev

    I would like a second chance to remedy my stupidity

    my gamertag is gryzzly ..... a few days ago I accept to have used the rapid fire of br in coagulation to kill the user uncut fighter, this is no excuse ... I only come to be sincere because I really want a second chance to be part of this project ... I regret having used advantages against the...